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Do you know how to win Q&AMA?

Can you name the AMA Iowa event now in its 4th year? It’s Q&AMA: A Trivia Event, scheduled for the evening of October 21 at Jasper Winery.

Our trivia contest is always challenging and fun. The food and drinks are top notch and Melanie Schriver’s crew rounds up great prizes. This time around, there are also some new twists in store.  

Having been on the winning team each of the first three years (let’s all pause to pat me on the back), I have a few tips on forming a winning team:

1. Find the smartest person you know
Fortunately, we have two on our team. They paid attention in school and still follow news and pop culture closely today. Be prepared to keep asking them, “How did you know that?”

2. Find a young person
There will be recent pop culture questions and those young folks know all about the crazy music they listen to these days.

3.  Find an old person
Of course, we’re talking “advertising old” so anyone over 45 will do. I fill this role on my team. I know a lot about the ‘70s because I actually lived through them. I may not remember what I had for lunch today but give me a question about Three’s Company and I’m good to go.

4.  Find some obsessive nerds
Remember, this isn’t Jeopardy. This is a team sport so you don’t have to be a know-it-all to be valuable. It always helps to have someone who knows a lot about one key subject like sports, literature, movies or music.

Get your team of 2-6 players together or just show up and we’ll find a team for you. But space is limited so you must register by October 16. This year’s event is free to members, $10 for students and $20 for guests.

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