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5 Keys to Launching a Killer Website

About 75% of Internet users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on its website design, according to Stanford University research. At the same time, consumers demand a great deal of functionality.  

DNN Software, which provides solutions for rewarding online experiences, suggests these steps for positioning your website for success:

1. Create pages that engage readers quickly
First time users make snap judgments about your site. Make sure your site supports your main goal with short text and large images.

2.  Map out your content workflow
To eliminate redundancies and errors, organize website production by requiring all contributors to manage text, images and videos in a centralized content management system (CMS).  

3. Use a mobile-responsive design
With mobile Internet usage overtaking desktop usage, website visitors are likely to leave your site quickly if it doesn’t automatically adjust to fit smaller screens.

4. Engage visitors directly on your website
Many companies are now finding they have to pay to get adequate reach for their social media posts. Building a community through a blog can be a more effective way to share news, images and videos, while building forums with customers. 

5. Create and execute a detailed Quality Assurance plan  
Minimize errors by reviewing all components and functions prior to launch, including web forms, page URLs, browser compatibility, site speed, quality of images, analytics tools and stress testing. 

For a more detailed look at best practices for launching or re-launching your website, visit the American Marketing Association national website to download a free e-book from DNN Software.

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