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3 Tactics for Creating SEO-Friendly Content 

Many marketers and writers are now charged with doing more content marketing to attract potential customers to their website.

But how many of these content marketers know the best way to write for SEO? A recent webinar presented by the American Marketing Association and sponsored by Act-On Software identified three steps to making content more SEO-friendly.

Choose the right keywords

A keyword is defined as a word or phrase that someone might realistically input as a query into a search engine. To brainstorm keywords:

  1. Develop your thesis statement/objective
  2. Think of questions your thesis statement could answer
  3. Ask what you would type into a search engine to answer those questions

Google’s keyword planner tool will give you an estimate of how many times searches come up each month and up to 800 keywords that are similar.

Refine your choices

The single most relevant keyword is your primary keyword. You should also choose one to seven secondary keywords that expand the range of queries without sacrificing the focus of the page. Make sure they sound natural and not like marketing jargon.

Searches that have a lot of volume are not necessarily the best due to the broad intent of the search and the difficulty of getting a high rating from the search engine.

Specificity gives you a greater chance of getting a click and will improve the quality of your traffic.

Optimize your selections

Place your keywords in:

  • Body copy
  • Heading
  • Page title
  • Meta descriptions
  • URL

Use the keyword two to three times in the opening paragraph, the earlier the better.

Ultimately, strong content is the key. While it’s important for your content to be found, it’s more important for the content to be good. Don’t forget the purpose of your content or sacrifice the quality of the copy or page design for SEO.  

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